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Miracle of Birth

Witnessing the birth of a baby alpaca, or cria, may be one of the most awesome experiences in the life of an alpaca farmer. Here is the story of the birth of ASF Peruvian Arthur. This was the first cria to be born to our HHSF Peruvian Pashmina, in alpaca terms, she was considered a maiden.


  9:59 We were at the house looking up at the barn when we noticed that Pashmina was making frequent trips to the poop pile. Her tail was raised (which was not unusual for her) so we thought we’d check her. Here is the view we had looking out from the barn.
    10:06 When Pashmina saw us arrive, she came into her stall almost as if to say to us, “Hey, something’s happening.” It was at that point she began spinning in circles to see what was coming out of her.
10:11 We wanted to avoid having Pashmina crash into the walls or stall gates so we haltered her and Dennis led her out into her pasture
    10:13 Pashmina seemed calmer out in an open pasture.
    10:17  Dennis watched as Pashmina hummed and let nature take its course. I got on the cell phone and called for back up support.
    10:56  Help arrived with our friends Noel, Meredyth and her daughter, Ariel. Dennis handed over the halter and went inside the barn to get the cria kit and supplies.
    10:56  As Dennis and I rushed to get towels, the scale, a thermometer and iodine, Meredyth led Pashmina to a quiet spot in the pasture and had an experienced-Mom to new-Mom chat.
    10:59 Acting like a Lamaze coach, Meredyth talked Pashmina through the birth of her first baby.
    11:00  Ariel joined her Mom in encouraging Pashmina to give that one, last big push!
    11:00 With baby Arthur on the ground, Pashmina finally got to see what was causing her all that trouble.
    11:01  It was a joy to watch as Pashmina sniffed and licked at her beautiful newborn baby boy.
    11:02  Not being one to settle for mediocrity, Pashmina nudged Arthur encouraging him to stand.
With the birth completed, we assessed the new cria. We weighed him, toweled him off and applied iodine to his umbilical cord. We waited for Pashmina to deliver the placenta which came out whole and within an hour of Artie’s birth. Then we all sat in chairs and sipped lemonade and water while we watched the new Mom and cria get acquainted.
    5:06 Later that day, we had the thrill of watching as Pashmina proudly displayed her new cria to everyone at the farm!

Updated May 04, 2017