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May 04, 2017

A Routine Day

Life on the Farm

Date: 03/22/05
Life on the Farm
Our days begin as the sun rises and we greet these wonderful animals with which we share our lives. Mornings are a peaceful time at a Suri Farm, ltd. Cheech and Chong, the barn kitties run out to greet Dennis as he heads up the hill on his morning commute to work … in the barn. The alpacas run to the barn eagerly anticipating “chow time.” Most days, the morning feeding requires less then an hour to put out the feed and refresh the hay and water in each barn.

If we’ve got pregnant girls close to delivery, we examine them for signs of imminent birth and adjust the day accordingly. If we have dams ready to be bred, Dennis will carefully monitor the breeding process. And if there’s no hands on work that needs done to the alpacas, Den will go into “putzing” mode and do whatever is necessary for that day on the farm … building this, changing that, laying in the hammock catching a tan, etc. Let’s see how long it will take him to find and read this on the website – don’t cheat and call or send an email pointing it out to him either! :)

Afternoon chores require a bit more than mornings with the addition of raking poop piles. It’s important to note that alpacas share a communal dung area making this work fairly simple to do.

Once a month, we do fecal examinations to check for parasites. And we have Health and Beauty Day that may include immunizations, nail trimming, body scoring and weighing animals – these are not daily necessities but should be done monthly.

When the work is done, we plop down in our rockers at the barn, pet the cats now in our laps and enjoy these glorious animals as they pronk through the fields.