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May 01, 2017

Who Owns Alpacas


Owners/breeders come from all walks of life. We’re pretty sure if you queried the AOBA membership you’d find a butcher, a baker and an honest-to-God candlestick maker. An issue of Alpacas Magazine highlighted a former rock band member, former Mayor, former military member and a former horse jockey. We say “former” for all of these because they are all now full time alpaca farmers.

More and more, alpacas are providing an important source of income for those willing to invest in the alpaca lifestyle. No matter where you are in life from the young couple with children, to the retired couple whose children are raised or a single person with a love of animals, there is a place for you in the alpaca industry.

Many owners are families where one member works off the farm, and the alpaca business is managed by the other. This is where we currently fall at a Suri Farm. Our business plan called for Dennis to be in a position to “retire” to the farm within our first few years. And while Monica would love nothing more than having the stroll to the barn as her work commute, she’ll always have her “day job.” Because of the choices we made early on in the process to get top quality bloodlines, we were able to have Dennis retire to the farm earlier than we thought possible.

A large number of owners are working couples who tend to their herd around their off-the-farm working schedule. This is a very doable option and this was what we did when we began our farm. It does require organization and structure with specific chores and duties outlined. That way, the work can be divided into short chunks so that the time to enjoy the alpacas is much greater.

If you don’t have the acreage for a farm or ranch, you have the boarding option. Boarding, also called agisting, gives one the means to begin and/or maintain an alpaca operation while still retaining an urban career. Most herds begin small and grow to the size of the breeder’s farm and financial goals. We do agist animals at a Suri Farm for other farms.